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 Crawford Art Gallery 

Emmet Place, Cork. T +353 (0)21 490 7853; info@crawfordart
; www.crawfordart
; Twitter: @CrawfordArt
; Instagram: CrawfordArt
. Mon-Sat: 10am-5pm; Thurs until 8pm; Sun and bank hol: 11am-4pm. Map

Ongoing: Behind the Scenes: Collection at Work - Selected artworks from the collection

Until Mar 19: Other Worlds | Harry Clarke Watercolours - Also features the work of Pauline Bewick, Stephen Brandes, Harry Clarke, Salvador Dalí, Jan de Fouw, Stanley William Hayter, Brianna Hurley, William Otway McCannell, Haoer Schilling, and Noreen Spillane


Until Mar 26: Artists’ Film International (AFI) – Wandering, Wandering with a Sun on my Back (2018) - Bassam Al Sabbah | Quello che verrà è solo una promessa (That which is to come is just a promise) Flatform. Climate themes

From Feb 4: Radharc | Perspectives in Print - Cross-section of printmaking over the past 100 years from the Crawford Art Gallery’s print collection. Works by Norman Ackroyd, Katherine Boucher Beug, Georges Braque, Christo, Otto Dix, Debbie Godsell, Robert Indiana, Fiona Kelly, Paul Larocque, Joan Miró, Cóilín Murray, Jennifer O’Sullivan, Eduardo Paolozzi, Pablo Picasso, and Georges Rouault


From Feb 25: Site of Change | Evolution of a Building - Exhibition exploring how the Crawford Art Gallery building has changed since 1724 to the present


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