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 Crawford Art Gallery 

Emmet Place, Cork. T +353 (0)21 490 7853; info@crawfordart
; www.crawfordart
; Twitter: @CrawfordArt
; Instagram: CrawfordArt
. Mon-Sat: 10am-5pm; Thurs until 8pm; Sun and bank hol: 11am-4pm. Map

Until Jan 7: L&E Studio - An exhibition about making and learning together with art that is playful and experimental,exploring and testing technique and materials

Until Jan 28: Following Threads - Textile-based artworks investigating a variety of new and age-old concerns with fibres and threads. Works by Ailbhe Ní
Bhriain, Isabel Nolan, Matt Smith, Ciara O’Connor, Cecilia Danell, Mainie Jellett design by Ceodogàn
rugs, Dorothy Cross, Michelle Malone, Jennifer Trouton, Anne Kiely and Mary Palmer

Ongoing: All Eyes on Us - Explores who gets to look at whom and prompts questions of power and performance. The visitor is
scrutinised by the eyes in 75 portraits from Crawford Art Gallery’s collection

From Dec 2: Harry Clarke: Bad Romance - Annual exhibition of the Crawford Art Gallery’s full
collection of Harry Clarke works of book illustrations, delicate watercolour studies, and his earliest works in stained glass


From Dec 8: Eggshells (2022) - Venus Patel. Experimental short film dealing with the artist's experience of a hate crime in which she was egged and yelled at. The film is cut into 12 different segments, each focusing on a different character performing with an egg in different

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